New updates and improvements to InkBlot

  1. Open Beta Delayed


    In short, we are delaying the Open Beta. I am very stressed and distraught about this but it is not fair to the team nor to you all if we went through with it at this time.

    Our membership drive will continue but we can not physically keep up with the work if we were to open tomorrow. We need another dev to help with the workload and to focus on UI. Your feedback is heard and well acknowledged but we simply do not have the manpower to have two devs be stretched out so far.

    What now? Well we are continuing our Membership Drive and our work. We will make a system that allows users to invite their friends w/ a link and go from there. More on this soon.

    So I ask if you are able to & truly believe in what we do, Please check out the links below.

    But again, if we do not have the support or team, we can not keep inviting users. Our work will continue and we will do our best because that is all we can do. Your patience and understnading is much appreciated in advance.


    Please always send in a ticket for any account help or support. Chances are we can fix it within 24 hours or sooner. We are here to help.


    InkBlot Founder


  2. Update 6/21


    Hey there everyone! Thank you again for your patience

    New Support Team & Public Launch + Membership Drive

    If you aren't aware, Public Launch is on June 30th at 5PM MST. We have three new support members that have joined the team to help with support needs. Please say hi if you reach out to us!

    Paired with our Public Launch we will be doing a InkBlot Membership Drive! We are completely userfunded and though we do plan to add ads to the site, funds from our Kickstarter were only planned and estimated until release! Given the work that InkBlot needs to be developed and maintained, we will push our subscription service ( Go Pro)! You can help support the development of InkBlot and our support team by subscribing directly with a Go Pro membership gained through membership on Kofi/Patreon ! We will also be opening up our InkBlot Store again on Launch Day!

    Note: Our 'Go Pro' via webapp is still being fixed but it is availavle through Android and IOS app right now! This will be fixed completely as we prepare for the drive.

    IOS & Android Apps already launched!

    For IOS please use this link

    It will walk you through the steps need to join our Closed Beta App. Remember you will not be able to find this app on the App Store since it is not public release yet!

    For Android Access:

    Its a little more complicated, please fill out this form and then we will have to MANUALLY add you to gain access. Please give us 24-48 hours before we send an email to confirm you were added!

    Note: You will NOT find these apps on the app stores. We have not released them public, hence public launch on June 30th.

    Sub accounts


    Switching accounts /Sub Accounts

    Users that have more than one account will be able to seamlessly switch between their accounts. This will go hand in hand with the drop down menu feature.



    We now have sub accounts active for patrons, members, and backers to try! Please use the sign up password found on Kofi to add a new account. At this time you must use a different email! We maybe update this in the future to have the accounts linked to one email but the standard among other platforms is to use two different emails (which is the safest route).

    Sub-accounts will launch to everyone on Public Launch!

    Here's a quick tutorial on how to add your sub account via webapp:

    Missed our townhall?

    We hosted our townhall on twitch which had much better results and turn out than on Zoom! We will continue to do this on Twitch for accessibility and comfort. You can check out a recording of our last townhall here

    Dynamic Linking is back!

    You can now link to your profile and posts! We are still working on the resizing for mobile browser but that will be within the coming days. Note: Your profile url will not be your username but we are still working on perfecting the feature/function before we make that pretty url again for you!

    As always new features and functions are suspectible to bugs so please be patient!

    New Status Page & Support Site is intergrated

    To keep track of any bugs and see which ones have been identified or monitored please use .

    Sending a support ticket or bug report? Its never been easier as we now have the support button/form right on the site and in the mobile app (go to 'Help')! We will fully intergrate so that no extra accounts are needed but its much easier. Please use the button on the website or in the app or go to

    Note: The ticksy site is no longer used or operating. Again please use or the button on the site/mobileapp.


    InkBlot Founder


  3. Hello everyone I'm going to make this short and clear just to not ramble on!

    2.5 Transfer is over

    Yes we have finished transferring over all accounts. At this point if you are having any trouble with login please send a ticket in via our support site.

    As noted in confirmation emails please send in tickets if your DOB is incorrect. By default we made any accounts with the age of 1/1/2006 for those that had never entered their DOB. We will disable accounts that have this date if not confirmed by 6/15/2022.

    Note: Do not send bug reports via discord, or in a status post on inkblot. Please use the ticket site. That is the quickest way to escalate a bug to the dev team.

    Old Site

    Currently the old site is in Read-Only Mode. You will no longer be able to post a status, video, or image. Any images or videos posted since the last update are not to be transferred over as mentioned in that announcement . As per the last announcement we will be closing that database down completely on 6/15/2022 and taking back the URL of to use for the new site moving forward.

    Status Page/Bug tracker

    We now have a more clear transparent status page for bugs and issues on inkblot which you subscribe to if you would like.

    More Support

    We are currently in the process of onboarding three new support members! Please be patient with us a little longer.

    Missing Major Features

    As discussed in the transfer email we are missing a few major features which we will be restoring shortly once we have a few major bugs fixed.

    -Dynamic Linking (being able to link to a post/profile/group etc)

    -Mobile Browser view

    -Right click

    We are aware that these features are very important and are working on them!


    Edit 6/3/2022 12PM:

    Founder's Note:

    I want to once again thank you for your patience and support. We know this migration/transfer was rough around the edges and there is still more work to be done. Given that this is a closed beta, bugs and setbacks are to be expected and we try to minimize those as much as possible.

    2.5 was debugged as much as possible given the small team (Myself and our now single Dev). We found over 300 bugs while rebuilding InkBlot on new code over the course of 6 months. But there was only so many bugs that two people could find. Thus 2k beta testing users were able to find 150+ bugs within 12 hours!

    As humbled as I am by this update, I am also given the motivation to improve our operations going forward. Along aside extending my apologies, I also am making strides to do better. I can only hope that as a user you are willing to continue to support our endeavors.


    All beta testers are more than welcome to join our Discord! (


    InkBlot Founder


  4. First things first, I would like to apologize for the way the 2.5 update has been handled. It was very rigorous and I myself was not prepared for such a big undertaking. I know a lot of users are disappointed and upset which is understandable. I apologize for the inconveniences that this has caused you all and can only hope that your interest in InkBlot remains. If not, again I understand. Below I am addressing some issues.

    InkBlot (old site) has been placed in read only mode

    This should have been how we did things but again, it was my mistake. We will be disabling uploads for pictures and videos. All accounts will be re-enabled and allowed to browse the site freely until June 15th 2022. Note: comments and text posts were not transferred over and at this time they will not be. But which leads to my next point

    Recovering Followers/Following

    We put the old site in a sort of 'read only' mode so that users can browse and view everything without their account being disabled. You will be able to see the list of following/followers and look them up on the new site (

    Many of you have noticed that our search function is bugged in the new update...which leads to my last point.

    Search function has been improved and updated as of now

    At this time the search function for both webapp and mobile has been updated and improved even better than before. As explained in emails, we were not able to transfer over following/followers and I understand that this is important to some of you. The search area should now allow you to find previous mutuals and following without issue now. Please refer to the old site by going to your profile and the click on following list.

    EDIT: "My account hasnt been transferred yet/ I havent recieved the transfer email"

    If you havent recieved the transfer email it is because unforunately you are one of 204 accounts that got a kink in the transfer. We are already fixing those and working on getting those posts uploaded by end of tomorrow. Only then will I consider this update/transfer finished.

    Please hold off until we are have those completely fixed and you have recieved your transfer email.


    Current major bugs we are addressing:

    The images/stretching without mantain aspect ratio

    Users cant login with username, forced to login with email & password combo.

    Dynamic linking (linking to a post, profile, group etc) & Refreshing causing constant load

    Return of Pagination

    Post counter is not working (makes it seem like your gallery isnt all there but it is)

    Album issues


    At this point I can only apologize again, as this is still inconvenient to all of you and I can promise that a migration like this will never happen again and a fumble on my part will never happen again as far as I can help it. I am embarassed and disappointed and can only promise to do better.


    InkBlot Founder


  5. Q: I got an email from a verification email from , is that  scam/phish?

    A: No, that is from our dev team and is legitimate. Our dev team made the mistake of not changing the address name and it was sent by mistake-Firebase is just our new server/hosting. It is a service company of Google. Its the best of the best in the industry, so please don't be alarmed, we only forgot to change the default email. 

    Q: Should I click on the link in the email?

    A: We will have everyone make use of the email soon. Please just ignore it for now until you receive a proper email with instructions. 

    Q: I already clicked on it

    A: That's okay, please just don't log in. The update is not ready and your account is not setup.  You will receive an email in the next few days.


    Q: I NEVER recieved a verification email like the one mentioned above.

    A: Again as mentioned that was mistake. There was only about 125 users that recieved that, and it was done on accident. If you didnt recieve it, GOOD it was a whoopsie.


  6. Hi, we will begin our 2.5 launch this week and ask for a grand heaping of patience. We are addressing a lot of improvements and bugs in this update as we have completely updated our code to be industry standard and ready for public launch.

    This also includes intergrating app (IOS/Android).

    Please understand that we will be as communicative as possible with this process. There is a huge amount of undertaking from our end and at MOST you will be required to use the 'forgot password' method to log into the new environment.

    You will be notified when your account has been transferred over, successfully transferred accounts will be disabled from the current website and prompt you to sign in to the new one. Once we have completely moved everyone over to the new environment, we will then redirect the old weblink to the new.

    The hardest part for us is bringing over the database. Unforunately the old DB and the new DB are not compatiable so we will be doing this essentially manually. Please bare with us this week.

    ALL of the suggestions listed in the "in development' section will be included in the 2.5 launch!

    As always thank you for your support.


  7. Fix


    -We have fixed the bug that was causing caption formatting/or links to break either after editing or after publishing.

    -We have fixed the bug that was causing editing menu on modal view to be uneasy to see/without a background

    -We have fixed the bug that was causing comment/ button section to crop. There has been a scroll bar placed as this seems to happen with images that are very small and horizontal in size. The scroll bar is temporary as we work with trying to set to restriction.

    Removal of Custom Widgets

    For full transparency we received a lot of feedback regarding this feature. It was mostly rushed, inadequate and a first timer's attempt at it. We received a lot of feedback regarding it like:


    Custom Code Boxes - Lots of Suggestions

    i was messing with the custom code boxes and the editor on my profile. there are a few things i've noticed that are making using them somewhat difficult. unable to make line breaks in the editor! i think this is essential for coders who need organization, and sometimes even helps codes from becoming jumbled messes. word limit on them! it's rather dangerous to not have a specified word limit, seems as how users can take advantage of this in malicious and sometimes server-overloading ways. height limit on the boxes! while i was messing with the box height and width, i noticed that they have no height limit, or one that i havent hit yet despite going up to 15000px. these things, again, can be used in malicious ways. 1000x1000 max doesn't seem too bad! a way to add more than just the 4 widgets, but probably no more than 10. i just like the freedom of adding things that i may want that might not fit in the entirety of 4 widget boxes! a way to be able to make the widget border transparent or removable! while i don't find a problem with the borders personally, i think some users would benefit having the option of adding them or not.

    Under consideration



    Advanced options for profile styling

    Okay so I played with the widget a bit and they are a bit... how to say? Restrictive. There are things we can't change on the widget div itself unless the options are hardcoded to be taken into accord, wich can be bothersome to some users! So if we want to modify the gray background color we need to make a div that overtakes the initial widget or it would need to be a hard-coded option like the change border color... which is not super great and can give more work to the devs in the long run. So I'm not sure if it's already being thought about (I only check real quick to not forget what I wanted to say ahah) but here's my idea. So my suggestion is to have an "advanced" option, maybe for pro users? Where we can actually write a whole CSS sheet that overturns the one from the base site so we can actually change the whole of our page at our own leisure. A bit like Toyhouse? On toyhouse we can actually write up CSS that will change the totality of the page, it's an option only for premium users which seems fair to me. It would let people have more freedom for their page and really personalize them to their taste. If it's unclear I can always add more descriptions or examples! :D Attachments in order; Mockup advanced setting button Mockup an advanced setting page Toyhouse basic page modification (without premium account can't change the whole CSS of the page) Toyhouse with premium account CSS modification.

    Under consideration


    But also noticed general dislike for the feature. The final reason besides just wanting to remove it for further development was that there was a security risk found. Thus why it is removed entirely.

    We apologize for the inconvenience but we want to thoroughly provide a custom profile feature that is more thoroughly tested and more user friendly.


    InkBlot Founder