Hi, we will begin our 2.5 launch this week and ask for a grand heaping of patience. We are addressing a lot of improvements and bugs in this update as we have completely updated our code to be industry standard and ready for public launch.

This also includes intergrating app (IOS/Android).

Please understand that we will be as communicative as possible with this process. There is a huge amount of undertaking from our end and at MOST you will be required to use the 'forgot password' method to log into the new environment.

You will be notified when your account has been transferred over, successfully transferred accounts will be disabled from the current website and prompt you to sign in to the new one. Once we have completely moved everyone over to the new environment, we will then redirect the old weblink to the new.

The hardest part for us is bringing over the database. Unforunately the old DB and the new DB are not compatiable so we will be doing this essentially manually. Please bare with us this week.

ALL of the suggestions listed in the "in development' section will be included in the 2.5 launch!

As always thank you for your support.